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Please read the following carefully before signing and submitting the Application for Admission:

1. The school will only process the Application for Admission once it has received ALL of the original application requirements (see the application requirements checklist at the beginning of this document).

2. Submitted original transcripts (school reports) become the property of ES American School and will not be returned.

3. Submitting the application and paying the application fee does not constitute admission to the school.

4. Any omission or falsification of the admission information will result, if admitted, in the immediate dismissal of the student from ES American School.

5. By signing this Application for Admission, the parent(s) and student agree to all financial obligations. Parents and the student understand and consent to abide by all ES American School rules and regulations. It is further understood that a student may be dismissed from the school, with no refund of school fees, at the complete discretion of the school.

6. Parents also understand that 1st through 6th Grade students are required to live with a parent, legal guardian or local host family while attending ES American School. No exceptions will be made with regards to housing arrangements.

7. In the event of force majeure or fortuitous event, the student or, where appropriate, his/her legal representatives may not demand the resolution, suspension and / or modification of the contract, nor the reduction of the agreed price. Likewise, GLOBAL AMERICAN SCHOOL INC. SUCURSAL EN ESPAÑA is exempt from any responsibility derived from the measures adopted by the competent authority that are beyond its scope of control. For the purposes of this contract, force majeure is understood to be any circumstance that is irresistible, unpredictable and unavoidable that affects the fulfilment of contractual obligations, such as, for example, extraordinary natural events (floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, epidemic and pandemic situations, etc.). A fortuitous case is understood as what happens as unpredictable, but which, if foreseen, could have been avoided. The parties are aware of the seriousness of this clause, which is motivated (i) by the fact that there are more students interested in pursuing their studies at the school than available places, as well as (ii) by the circumstance that at the start of the school year there are already a series of structural expenses and commitments that GLOBAL AMERICAN SCHOOL INC. SUCURSAL EN ESPAÑA must assume vis-à-vis third parties in order to provide the services that it is obliged to carry out throughout the school year, regardless of the form of payment agreed in this document.

8. I/we hereby apply for admission to ES American School and certify that all of the information submitted on and in support of this Application for Admission is complete and accurate.

9. The school reserves the right to request any additional information not listed in the Application Requirement Checklist which it may deem necessary for the admission of any student.

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